Every day begins with a multitude of options that you will either take or pass. I think that there are certain values and concepts that exist regardless of where you are from. I think that these concepts exist and were given to us by our Creator for our happiness. The greatest of these is freedom.

My name is Helen. I like the color purple. I like riches like chocolate cake and steak. I like fine music from Beethoven to Depeche Mode to Catholic Hymns. I choose to be happy in the face of distress. I love my faith, but stress constantly about not doing enough. I am vain and can be a brat, but I would give up my gold for you and try to be good to you even if you spit on my face. Just don’t spit on the flag.

I am a member of the Independent Party and enjoy sipping cold lemonade on the porch. I love Star Trek and Disney movies. So hello and be well.

This blog is my companion as I learn the intricacies of writing the English Language in the United States. I plan to post some of my work as well as instructional articles about writing that have been passed to me over the years in the University and from individual study.

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