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I began writing on my knees at my grandmother’s side. She sat down at the table and listened to the radio sharing news about Cuba. I wrote about the bees in the garden, the butterflies and my white cat. I never named my white cat in human language because I thought that it was impolite. I did, however, call out to her a loud meow when I had her dinner ready. I love cats.

So, after about a year of writing like that, I discovered the public library. There were so many wonderful books there. I went weekly with my mother and saw the new ones and the old ones. I took two home to read each time. Little by little, I read everything that I could find about ghosts and scary things. I loved that stuff. So, I wrote about, you guessed it…a bee.

My poem really made a buzz around the house, and my mother entered it into the county’s youth competition. I won a pen. Ever since then, I have written. In high school and college, I wrote essays and other documents. I always received great grades and fancied myself talented.

Then, I went to the military and stopped thinking that I would travel the world to write. I was traveling the world to install computers. Well, that didn’t last. I became ill and had to leave the force. So, I started to write. I wrote books of poetry. I never believed that people could make a living as writers unless they were really talented. Anne Lamott really made a big impression on me after reading her book, Bird by Bird.

Now, I write for hire. I have been published in the local newspaper covering stories about artists, theaters and politicians. I write for an online publication that aids librarians in choosing videos for their collections, and I write in this blog. I am still trying to make a living out of it. I hope that it works out.

I am a poet, a writer, a wife and a human being doing things that would please God. I like to make music on my clarinet, love to cook and care for our two cats. One day, Florida will pass a law that will allow me to keep a goat. Then, the fun will really begin. Whatever, they’re cute.

I can create beautiful brochures, websites, blogs and other professional documents that will support the business. I am working on a novel and a book of poetry. My books of poetry will be available soon. Please visit this blog often because it changes.

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